Kesher of Lakewood was founded to help all singles in Shidduchim. Our mission is to help everyone find their bashert. Kesher is dedicated to assisting the singles, their parents and everyone in between.

Kesher of Lakewood closes the gap between Shadchanim and prospective singles. It is an organization that not only works around the clock to get people married, but also makes sure that every young man and woman has the opportunity to be met by prominent Shadchanim.

Kesher of Lakewood is here to make today’s complicated Shidduch Parsha easier to navigate and provide a realistic opportunity for helping find one's bashert.

Kesher Lakewood began as a dream of a young successful shadchan named Mrs. Leiba Marsh le'iluy nishmas her mother-in-law, Mrs. Leah Marsh.

Leiba dreamed of creating a central location for shadchanim in Lakewood to work under one roof, in order to find shidduchim for the countless girls & boys that she heard about daily.

Her first mission was to find a location where information about girls and boys would be accessible to shadchanim and to provide an atmosphere where shadchanim could work on their ideas and network with each other. Her second mission was to find shidduchim for girls and boys in a most respectable way.

With the help of the esteemed askanim Mr. Chesky Kaufthiel and Mr. Yosef Goldburd, founders of Kesher New York, and with tremendous siyata dishmaya, an infrastructure was created, and Kesher Lakewood was born.

Our Kesher shadchanim are a dedicated group of men and women who put countless hours a day into each girl and boy, doing research and phone calls. These shadchanim are true agents for each girl, aside from being a listening ear to those in need. After working for hours on a shidduch there are many rejections, yet these shadchanim persist, and try once again.

Who are these shadchanim who give so much of themselves? Mothers, Fathers, husbands, wives, kollel yungerlite, teachers etc. They are partners in the shiduchim process giving so much of their time, and perhaps only getting shadchanus for the one shidduch that happened that month, aside from all their phone bills and other expenses. In reality these shadchanim are invaluable, they are dedicated individuals who have the "chush" for shidduchim and the heart to care and give it their all.

We can proudly say that to date, we have countless Kesher volunteers in our organization, and many shidduchim have been made.

Connecting People. Making Matches. Building Lives